Past Small Grants Recipients

Marijke Bassani – Welcoming the Unwelcome: A Black Rainbow Homecoming

Marijke is a First Nations woman from Cape York who is an advocate for gender and ethnic equality. She is currently completing PhD research in that space, particularly focusing on the rights of LGBTQI+ Indigenous people.

Marijke’s awarded PFA Small Grant contributes to funding a combined academic and creative Cape York Peninsula based project that will inform a 2-3 year postdoc consisting of a twofold structure: 1) Academic; and 2) Creative. This project is scholarly and community building work that aims to cultivate space for First Nations LGBTQI+ Sistergirl, Brotherboy, 2Spirit & IndigiQueer peoples to challenge our position as the invisible, and hypervisible, Indigenous ‘Other’ by reclaiming, and taking up, space within our communities. The project will involve taking portraits and collecting contemporary narratives about community life for rainbow mob in Cape York which will be collated into a book to visually reinforce our cultural position and significance within our communities.

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