Funding granted to groups advocating for LGBTQIA+ Refugees & People Seeking Asylum

Forcibly Displaced People Network

2022 | $5,000

Supporting the work of the peer-led LGBTIQ refugee and asylum seeker support group in Canberra.

2020 | $20,000

Online Training: Building service capacity to work with LGBTIQ+ forcibly displaced people

The development of an online training resource on LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers for settlement services and LGBTIQ organisations. Available at:

Three For All

2022 | $20,000

To employ an other-gendered refugee/asylum-seeker to work alongside their Peer Support Officer at the Queer Asylum Seekers support group.

2021 | $5,000

Supporting the work of the Peer led LGBTIQ refugee and asylum seeker support group in Melbourne.

Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network (MYAN)

2021 | $20,000

The development of a national survey and consultation to explore to specific settlement experiences and subsequent needs of young LGBTQIA+ refugees and asylum seekers in Australia.

Refugee Advice & Casework Service

2020 | $20,000

LGBTIQA+ Refugee Inclusive Practice Training for Community Workers and Legal Workers.

Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania, Working It Out and AGMC

2020 | $20,000

Safer Together 

A guide to Australian law relating to LGBTQIA+ anti-discrimination and health rights, which will be translated into 15 languages and recorded as audio files. 

Asylum Seekers Centre

2020 | $5,000

Supporting the work of the Peer led LGBTIQ refugee and asylum seeker support group in Sydney.

Funding granted to groups advocating for LGBTQIA+ People Living with Disability

Different Journeys

2021 | $10,000

Building Bridges between Autism and LGBTQI Communities

The employment of members of the LGBTQI+/Autism community to attend our events as leaders, mentors, ambassadors and deliver LGBTQI+ topics into our ongoing event programming, community building, advocacy, and communication strategies.

Working It Out

2019 | $22,500

LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Practices for Disability Services

A bespoke professional learning package to deliver to the Tasmanian Disability sector, based on existing work already undertaken in this space by Inclusion Melbourne’s Design Lab. The emphasis is on developing LGBTQIA+ inclusive practices within disability support services.


2022 | $20,000

My Identity . My Choice “A safe journey to explore LGBTIQA+ identity for people using disability services

Improved LGBTIQA+ expression within Yooralla via education and training to shape awareness and attitudes: * Min 4 workshops, 4 focus groups for adults with disability

  • Min 4 workshops and support for Yooralla Staff
  • Support safe exploration/supported decision making of persons who may be LGBTIQA+
  • Promote “Coming out is OK” refer to VALID Alliance. * Training materials available free online to disability services nationally.
  • Inclusion Melb “My Rainbow Life” & “The Rainbow Guide”

Deakin University

2018 | $74,896

Experiences of LGBTIQ People Living with Disabilities

A social research project to understand the experiences of LGBTIQ and gender diverse people with a disability in Australia today; identify systemic health, social and relational factors that impact on full inclusion and sexual rights; and, develop evidence based recommendations on policy and practice change.


2018 | $20,000

Evaluation of an e-learning resource supporting LGBTIQ people with dementia and changed behaviours

An evaluation of a DCRC developed eLearning resource for those providing care to LGBTI peoples with dementia and changed behaviours to help improve the effectiveness of the resource to support change in practice. Collaboration with the National LGBTI Health Alliance – Silver Rainbow LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care to aid evaluation design, resource uptake and recruitment.

Aspergers Victoria Inc

2018 | $17,788

Interpreting the Spectrums: Understanding barriers to health care for the LGBTIQ+ autistic community

Aspergers Victoria in partnership with The Shed, TGV and Spectrum Intersections, to develop portable resource kits to explain common barriers for Autistic LGBTIQA+ People when accessing health services. A 12-month project to produce educational materials to help bridge communication and cultural barriers faced by Autistic LGBTIQA+ people within the medical system and build future employment pathways for advocates.

Northcott Innovation Ltd

2018 | $10,000

Velvet Expressions

A project by Northcott Innovation (NI) to tackle one of societies last remaining taboos – sexuality and disability, by giving a voice to LGBTQI people with disability in regard to their capacity to engage in sexuality activities of their choosing and the barriers (physical, environmental, social) preventing them from participating in those activities.

Melba Support Services (Victoria)

2017 | $24,240

Sexuality, Equality, Disability

12 full-day workshops about LGBTI specific needs and 21 one-on-one planning sessions, to build capacity of the Disability Sector to improve support and outcomes for people with a disability who identify as LGBTI.

Inclusion Melbourne Inc

2017 | $20,392

Supporting the inclusion and wellbeing of LGBTIQ people with intellectual disability

The development of practice-based training materials for use by disability support organisations, and the delivery to a LGBTIQ-orientated pilot of high-quality sexuality awareness for PWID (people with an intellectual disability).

Rainbow Health Australia (Formerly GLHV), LA TROBE UNIVERSITY

2016 | $20,000

The lived experience of LGBTI people living with disabilities

An international literature review and re-analysis of Australian data, to build the evidence on lives of LGBTIQ people living with a disability, to inform health service development, community building and culture change to improve the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ people living with a disability.

Funding granted to groups advocating for LGBTQIA+ People Experiencing homelessness


University of Melbourne

2017 | $10,000

Development of LGBTI inclusive practice guidelines for Australian housing and homeless sectors

Development of LGBTI inclusive practice guidelines for Australian housing and homeless sectors. These will be based on the findings of GALFA initiated homelessness project conducted by Uni Melb and Swinburne Uni, and, using the Delphi approach to develop guidelines that are feasible and effective.


Australian Bureau of statistics

2017 | $2,750

Demographics by Sexuality

To support G-9-2016 fund Australian Bureau of Statistics for extraction of data relating to sexuality and homelessness.



2016 | $20,000

LGBT Homelessness Project – secondary data analysis ‘Journey’s Home’

To characterise the nature of LGB Homelessness by secondary data analysis, as part of a project that seeks to understand the experiences of LGBTIQ Homelessness to inform policy, service delivery and homelessness prevention in LGBTI community. Collaborative Swinburne + Uni Melb project (Launch and LMCF funded Uni Melb directly).

Uni of Melbourne, Launch Housing, Transgender Vic

2016 | $20,000

Supporting trans and gender diverse people experienceing homelessness

Development and piloting a model of care to support trans and gender diverse people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, In collaboration with Transgender Victoria and Launch Housing (previously Hanover). Report at

Uni of Melbourne

2016 | $20,000

LGBTI Homelessness project: Exploring Personal Experiences

Exploring the experiences of a diverse range of LGBTI people by interviewing them, to understand drivers into and out of homelessness.

Funding granted to groups advocating for LGBTQIA+ Healthy Ageing


Aged and Disability Advocacy Australia

2016 | $5,000

LGBTI Seniors and Residential Care Engagement Project

To address the the need for increasing he sustainability of inclusive residential care services by consultaton, access tompeer supportand engagementn with LGBTI elders.

Council of the Ageing (Victoria) + Transgender Victoria

2016 | $6,000

Supporting older LGBTI Victorians to plan around end of life

Development of an information resource to guide older TGD (and LGBTI) Victorians in end of life planning, and a survey of information needs to support targeted outreach with the resource.

Bolton Clarke (formerly Royal District Nursing Service Ltd)

2015 | $5,000

Building knowledge and capacity of community nursing and aged care staff to work with TGD people

To equip community nursing, allied health and aged care staff with general knowledge about health and wellbeing needs of TGD people, and, develop evidence based guidelines as a self directed learning tool to assist staff provide culturally appropriate and safe care.

National LGBTI Health Alliance

2015 | $5,000

Virtual visitor project

Testing the feasibility of wide scale on-line visitor scheme with LGBTI elders who are socially isolated and/or living along, using LGBTI peers as visitors.

Helping Hand Aged Care

2014 | $5,000

Turn Up Your Voice

The project aims to remove the invisibility of LGBTI people and their carers in aged care facilities by engaging them in the planning, delivery an evaluation of ageing and aged care policies, programs and services.

Rainbow Health Australia (Formerly GLHV), LA TROBE UNIVERSITY

2012 | $5,000

Val’s Café website

To improve the health, wellbeing, care and service provision for senior LGBTI people throughout Australia by development of “Val’s Café” website as a national resource hub for older LGBTI people and their service providers.

Funding granted to groups advocating for LGBTQIA+ MENTAL HEALTH

Switchboard (Victoria)

2012 | $2,500

Effective Postvention for Suicide Prevention, staff development tool to be shared with Qlife orgs

To support the collaboration of the five volunteer based LGBTI telephone counselling services across Australia to strengthen their national presence and update the national website.

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