Bequest to GALFA from the Estate of Patrick Foley


The estate of Patrick Foley has released a bequest to GALFA, which we have now received in full. We are very grateful to Patrick‘s partner, Anthony, for meeting with us and allowing us to make this bequest public.

Patrick Foley‘s generosity to GALFA is greatly appreciated and will enable GALFA to support projects that will improve lives by reducing discrimination, disadvantage and improve opportunity for LGBTIQ people. This bequest will have long term benefits and be life changing for many. It reflects Patrick‘s life-long support for his friends, a career in health care and as a contributor to the LGBTI community, especially as a member of VAC Care Teams in the worst days of HIV.

We have invested a proportion of the bequest into GALFA‘s corpus for long term income, and will use the balance to make grants in the short term. Patrick‘s generosity is an example of how people can make a long-term contribution to our community.

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