Become a Pride Foundation Australia Board Member

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Pride Foundation Australia is seeking applications for Board membership in identified positions.

As a volunteer based national philanthropic fund our purpose is to grow LGBTQIA+ philanthropy in Australia, and in particular to advance equity for Australian LGBTQIA+ communities and individuals most disadvantaged by discrimination and structural inequalities.

We are looking to expand the number of Board directors by up to 5 new people, as well as diversify our Board by creating identified positions. We are interested in applications from LGBTQIA+ individuals including:

  • anyone outside of metropolitan Melbourne and Sydney
  • trans, gender diverse or non-binary people
  • people with intersex variations
  • people who identify as First Nations
  • people of colour
  • people with refugee background
  • people living with disability

To view the position description for Pride Foundation Australia Board Members and to apply, please view our listing on Ethical Jobs.

Applications close on March 17th, 2023.

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