PFA has a brand new website!


After many months of work, we’re excited to share our brand new website with you. The intention behind this redesign is to bring our website into contemporary digital marketing practices, as well as to provide easier access to information about our work – be it current grant roundsour history or any new ways we may expand upon this platform.

A true source of pride that has resulted from this redesign is our new page dedicated to recording Pride Foundation Australia’s ongoing impact to Australian LGBTQIA+ communities. This provides up-to-date information on the source of our funds and how we spend them, as well as various metrics such as the number of grant applications received and the location of our successful small grants. Pride Foundation Australia has been in operation for ten years this year (formerly under the name GALFA), and while we have brought about real systemic change throughout the years, only now have we created a space to reflect upon our work as a whole.

PFA Chairperson Ruth McNair says, “A huge thanks to Penny Wilson, our marketing officer, for completely overhauling our website. It is now much easier to find various reports from our funded projects, divided according to focus area. Scattered through the site are vignettes about our various grant recipients showing some fabulous outcomes from our grants. Please have a look when you have a minute, and send us feedback anytime about anything else we can do to improve the site.”

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