Lights, Camera, Equality: Organising a Movie Night Fundraiser for Pride Foundation Australia

Movie night fundraisers are a classic and enjoyable way to bring people together while supporting a worthy cause. If you’re passionate about advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights and want to make a positive impact, organising a charity movie night to raise funds for Pride Foundation Australia is a fantastic idea. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to host a memorable event that not only entertains but also supports our mission to increase equity for LGBTQIA+ Australians.


Step 1: Define Your Goals and Objectives

Start by clarifying your goals for your fundraiser movie night. Set a target for the amount of money you intend to raise and specify how the funds will be utilised by Pride Foundation Australia in your messaging. Having a clear vision will guide your planning and inspire potential attendees to participate, while setting a target will encourage attendees to contribute towards reaching your donation target.


Step 2: Choose the Right Venue

Select a suitable venue that accommodates your expected number of attendees and offers a comfortable and enjoyable movie-watching experience. Consider options such as outdoor spaces, community centres, or even local cinemas. Ensure the venue is accessible, has appropriate seating arrangements, and can accommodate any necessary equipment.


Step 3: Select an LGBTQIA+-Themed Film

Consider choosing a movie to screen that revolves around LGBTQIA+ themes, or is significant to the queer community in Australia. Look for films that promote inclusivity, showcase diverse perspectives, or highlight significant LGBTQIA+ stories around the key areas we focus on, like LGBTQIA+ refugees and people seeking asylum, or LGBTQIA+ people living with disability.


Step 4: Secure Licensing and Permissions

Make sure to obtain the necessary licensing and permissions to screen your chosen film publicly, Australian Copyright Council has a useful factsheet on screening films in public and how to go about securing any permissions you may need. Some films may offer discounted licensing fees or special arrangements for nonprofit organisations and fundraising events.

Similarly, most cinemas around Australia offer private screenings and cinema hire, offering a wide catalogue of movies to choose from or assistance in screening classics.


Step 5: Plan Event Logistics

Decide on the event format, whether it will be an indoor or outdoor screening, a standalone movie night, or part of a larger fundraising event. Consider factors like seating arrangements, audiovisual equipment, concessions or refreshments, and any additional entertainment or activities to enhance the overall experience.


Step 6: Create a Marketing Strategy

Develop a comprehensive marketing plan to promote your fundraiser movie night. Leverage your social media platforms, local queer community groups, and create online event listings to spread the word. Design eye-catching posters, share engaging social media graphics, and encourage attendees to invite friends and share the event widely.


Step 7: Set Ticket Prices and Sales Channels

Determine the ticket prices based on your fundraising goals, event costs, and the perceived value of the movie night experience. Consider offering different ticket options, such as general admission or VIP packages that include additional perks. Utilise online ticketing platforms, social media event pages, and local ticket outlets to streamline the ticket sales process.


Step 8: Seek Sponsorship and Donations

Reach out to local businesses, queer-friendly organisations, and community members to seek sponsorship or donations. Ask for support in the form of financial contributions, in-kind donations (such as concessions or raffle prizes), or promotional assistance. Highlight the visibility and goodwill their involvement will generate within the community.


Step 9: Create an Engaging Event Atmosphere

Enhance the movie night experience by creating an inviting and inclusive atmosphere. Decorate the venue with LGBTQ+ pride colours, provide cozy seating arrangements, and consider hosting pre-show entertainment or guest speakers who can share insights on the current state of LGBTQIA+ issues and Pride Foundation Australia’s work. You can also download our range of supporting fundraising materials to decorate your event and communicate the work that PFA does.


Step 10: Express Gratitude and Donate the Proceeds

After the event, express gratitude to attendees, sponsors, volunteers, and donors who contributed to the success of your fundraiser movie night. Highlight the collective impact their support will have on advancing LGBTQIA+ equity here in Australia. Make your donation of the final proceeds via our donations page, and let us know how your event went, so that we can appropriately thank all involved.


A fundraiser movie night for Pride Foundation Australia combines the power of cinema with the spirit of philanthropy to create a memorable and impactful event. By following these steps and leveraging community support, you can raise funds while promoting inclusivity, equality, and awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues. Remember, your efforts contribute to a more accepting and supportive society for all.

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