Congratulate Our 2023 Small Grant Recipients of Round 3


Pride Foundation Australia are pleased to announce the recipients of our Round 3 Small Grant recipients for 2023. This was our largest Small Grants round so far, with a total of 19 projects receiving up to $1000 in grant funding. Please join us in congratulating these recipients and read on to learn about each project.


Matthew Backer – Die Bully Die, A Short Film

Matt Backer is an openly gay actor, screenwriter and producer, collaborating with his best mate, Drew Weston, on their first short film Die Bully Die. Their heartfelt film delves into the scars of queerphobic high-school bullying, based on Matt’s high-school experience. The film is now in production and will complete shooting on November 13 and finish post-production by February 2024. It spotlights the impact of queerphobic bullying and explores forgiveness, trauma, and unexpected connections. The film is a testament to resilience, embracing queerness, and nurturing mental health. Matt and Drew hope to inspire, challenge norms and ignite change on national and international stages.

Pride Foundation Australia has provided Matt with a Small Grant in support of bringing this short film to life.

Echuca Moama Pride Inc

Echuca Moama Pride Inc is a newly-formed social group for LGBTIQA+ community in Echuca, Moama and surrounds to connect and share information. They received a PFA Small Grant to fund their brand new logo and forthcoming website design.


Fabian Pertzel – Exhale, in forward motion’ Exhibition

Fabian Pertzel was raised surrounded by the farmland of New South Wales mid-coast and is currently working from the northern rivers where he is completing a Bachelor of Art and Design at Southern Cross University. The young emerging artist has used his time at university to Study sculpture and develop a conceptual framework for his practice, drawing on his experiences of growing up queer in rural Australia he situates his practice in the greater context of queer history and theory. This investigation into non-heteronormative social identities and contemporary culture has informed much of his work but he resists being defined by these limitations as many of these ideas intersect with seemingly unrelated aspects of today’s culture and technology.

Fabian has received a Small Grant from PFA in support of ‘Exhale, in forward motion,’ an exhibition of LGBTQIA+ artists whose work centres the experience Queer regional and rural Australians. Thematically focused on storytelling, each work must communicate some form of narrative, collectively expressing the diverse nature of queer life outside larger cities that are overly represented in contemporary media and art.

This project also includes partnerships with ACON who will provide health and safety resources and deliver a program of 3 reading groups themed around Queer literature and poetry, theory, and regional history from the Bundjalung area. This project will open on March 6, 2024 supporting up to 12 artists and creating a safe and healthy space for the expression of queer identity.


Worimi by Hunter – Far From Home

Hunter Dillon is a proud Bunjalung and Worimi Person and artist. Their work is interpretive, abstract and a play on traditional iconography with modern day colours and techniques. Hunter’s body of work centres identity, as a Disabled, Trans and Queer BiPOC person living far from home. With central themes of Displacement, Colonisation and Queerness, their work shows a unique Indigenous Australian perspective.

Worimi by Hunter received this Small Grant to support Far From Home, an immersive art project that centre’s identity, displacement, and the longing for home. This collection of work is a combination of painted canvas and digital art, using a combination of traditional techniques and symbolism alongside modern colours and methods to showcase a new depiction of how Aboriginal art has progressed into today’s world. As a first nations, queer and transgender, disabled artist, Hunter’s work intrinsically reflects the intersectionality’s of their identity, whilst continuously highlighting the effects colonisation and their ever present feeling of being far from home.

Hunter has  a residency in early 2024 with Gasworks and an Exhibition of Far From Home for Midsummer.


Holland Brooks – One Of Us

Holland Brooks is a multi award winning actor, singer, musician, composer and playwright based in Perth, Western Australia. Holland was successful in receiving a Small Grant towards her upcoming comedy play One Of Us.

One Of Us is a heartfelt naturalist comedy detailing the lives of 5 young lesbians in a WA conversion therapy camp, presented at The Blue Room Theatre as part of the 2024 Annual Season with 15 shows, April 9th-27th. One Of Us provides a seminal opportunity for queer youth to see themselves represented both on and offstage, with the work created by a team entirely comprised of queer women/NB people.

Alongside the show’s presentation, the team are engaging with organisations such as Freedom Centre to host workshops on queer theatre-making, writing and storytelling for young queer people, encouraging queer youth to engage in the arts while providing opportunities for them to develop professionally and personally in a safe and supportive environment.


Pink Flamingo Productions – Queerswitch

Pink Flamingo Productions is the brainchild of Jules and Rach, proud Ipswich locals who have lived and worked in the city for more than 20 years. They are passionate about Ipswich, about celebrating the achievements of the LGBTQIA+ community and about shining a light on the struggles still faced by many of its members.

Their Small Grant goes towards the funding of Queerswitch 2024,  a free family fun-day for the LGBTQIA+ and wider community in Ipswich Qld. The event aims to raise awareness of the LGBTQIA+ community within Ipswitch; to celebrate its achievements and highlight its ongoing battles. Through this event, they hope to reduce social stigma, provide essential education to the wider community, shine a spotlight on the very real issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ community, while creating a safe and supportive space for LGBTQIA+ peoples of all ages, identities and lived experiences.


Caroline Springs Scout Group

Caroline Springs Scout Group (opened in 2010) is very active in the City of Melton, focusing on many key areas of concern such as youth, mental health and the environment. They run weekly youth programs that are inclusive active learning experiences which help mental health, resilience and life skills.

The Scouts group have several youth members which identify as being part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and the group leaders want to support them and educate all our youth, adult volunteers and families by providing pride resources with the ultimate aim of building a safe, accepting, and more inclusive space. This Small Grant has been awarded to Caroline Springs Scout Group to start a collection of LGBTQIA+ resources, like books, games and educational information.


Louie Dalzell – MONSTER

MONSTER is a comedy cabaret written and performed by Florian Wild, drag cabaret alter-ego of trans and queer man, Louie Dalzell, and directed and accompanied on piano by Oliver Ayres. The show addresses the question ‘I’m a trans man, a drag artist, and a teacher. Am I the monster?’

They plan to tour Adelaide Fringe in Feb/March 2024 with the aim of connecting with a wider audience. The show at its core provides queer and trans people an opportunity to connect with their community and see their stories represented on stage. The show also provides allies to the queer community insight into the experiences of trans men, particularly around coming out, workplace dynamics and visibility, and the absurdities within anti-trans rhetoric. Louie has received this Small Grant in support of the show and its upcoming tour.


Sean Mudariki – Stay With Me

Sean Mudariki received a PFA Small Grant in support of his theatre show Stay With Me, intended to be performed at the Fringe World Perth festival in February 2024.

The play follows a couple of queer teens through their high school years as they deal with their internal and external social struggles. The rehearsals for the shows commenced in November 2023 and will be performed from 8th to the 11th of February. The show is intended to give voice to the struggle most queer teenagers who aren’t able to be themselves in their full capacity face, and to show queer teens that they aren’t alone.


May As Well Productions – Teeth & Tonic

Teeth and Tonic is a queer, feminist dark comedy about the end of an abusive relationship, patriarchal violence, and the power of chosen family. The show aims to engage audiences in challenging but necessary discussions about relationships in a safe and entertaining way. The production features a predominantly LGBTIQA+ cast and production team, many of whom are community advocates within the arts sector and beyond.

After a sold out and extended season at the 2022 Melbourne Fringe Festival, Teeth and Tonic is having its first independent season as part of La Mama Theatre’s 2024 Mainstage program, running from 18 – 28 March 2024. The Small Grant awarded to May As Well Productions will cover 2.5 artist honorarium artist fees.


Inner City Legal Centre

Inner City Legal Centre (ICLC) provides the only Trans and Gender Diverse Specific Legal Service in Australia, supporting trans people and their families with legal advice related to discrimination, gender affirmation and health care. ICLC are frequently invited to participate in in consultations and speaking engagements about issues affecting trans people.

They were successful in receiving a Small Grant to develop and maintain a curated ‘panel’ of ICLC lived experience experts who are available to receive invitations for paid participation. The ICLC will undertake to fully support those panel members by ensuring they are safely transported to and from engagements, questions are screened for appropriateness and qualified staff are available for follow up support and debrief.


Umbrella Multicultural Community Care Inc. – Over The Rainbow

Umbrella Multicultural Community Care Inc. delivers the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), Home Care Packages (HCP) and Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme (ACVVS) to over 1000 clients from 70 countries including seniors from LGBTIQ+ backgrounds.

Umbrella Inc. have an informal network of older LGBTIQ+ people in Mandurah in the Peel region who are culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD). They are aged 50+ but are not yet seniors of 65+ who qualify for Commonwealth aged care support services. This Small Grant provides funding for a regional excursion for them to celebrate gender and cultural diversity. The excursion comprises a day trip with transport and catering provided and incorporate some fun activities that would help break barriers and create new friendships, managed by Umbrella staff and volunteers.

This social event aims to address social isolation and loneliness which is particularly prevalent amongst LGBTIQ+ individuals from CaLD backgrounds.


Prosper Project Australia – Supporting LGBTQI+ Refugee and Asylum Seeker Survivors of Sexual Assault

Prosper (Project Australia) is a multi award-winning community organisation working to support disadvantaged children and their families – at home, at school and in the community.

Pride Foundation Australia have awarded this Small Grant to Prosper to develop a range of posters and stickers in five different languages that can be displayed in widely accessible places so that asylum seeker, refugee and CALD members of the LGBTQI+ community who have experienced sexual assault can access essential information and support. Sexual assault is often surrounded by secrecy and shame, this can be especially so for LGBTQI+ members of the community with CALD, refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds who may be contending with multiple other complex traumas.

The posters and stickers will provide messages of healing and hope and will provide information on where survivors of sexual assault and/or their loved ones can safely access further support.


Rainbow Katherine

Rainbow Katherine is the only queer organisation in Katherine – a small, remote town in the Northern Territory. They host a number of events throughout the year, the most notable being the annual Katherine Pride Festival.

Rainbow Katherine have received a Small Grant to purchase 2 x retractable banners, which they will use to promote the organisation at both their own events, as well as those held by other local organisations, (e.g., Wurli Wurlinjang Health Service, Headspace, AnglicareNT).


Sawtooth ARI

Sawtooth ARI is an Artist-Run Initiative, based in Launceston, Tasmania, committed to servicing our local and national communities. They aim to support voices telling the stories that need to be heard now, practices that break from oppressive traditions, and those that take risk in thinking and idea sharing.

They were a successful recipient of this Small Grant round to fund “A Big Ol Queer Show” (working title), tying together the practices of Kamberri (ACT) and Lutruwita (TAS) Queer artists and forming a collective of regionally based artists to celebrate Queerness.

Curated collaboratively by Beau (Belle) Palmer and Zara Sully, the selected artists explore themes of queer bodies, sexuality, nature, and the politics of representation in fine art spaces. Both Launceston and Canberra have thriving regional queer communities that are not at the forefront of representation when it comes to Pride within Australia. This show will intersect the experience of a total of 16 queer artists, in a town where Queerness was illegal until 1997. A celebration that brings a sense of belonging to our community.


Flamin’ Rainbow

Flamin’ Rainbow is a community organisation dedicated to championing the visibility and well-being of the LGBTQIA+ community in Goulbourn, NSW. Flamin’ Rainbow has held an already successful event, and are looking to expand and continue these events and want to hold up to three events per year, with the next one already locked in for the 24th of February.

Flamin’ Rainbow serves a dual purpose: to celebrate our community, and as fundraisers. During each event, they raise funds to support different local organisations or groups that align with their values and goals. This fundraising effort is a crucial part of their commitment to making a tangible difference in their town, ensuring that their support extends beyond the immediate community.

They received a PFA Small Grant towards their next community event.


Shopfront Arts Co-Op – Fair Day Performance by LGBTQIA+ Youth Advisory

Shopfront stands as Sydney’s only cross-art form organisation led by and dedicated to the artistry of Young People. For over four decades, Shopfront has amplified the voices of Young People. Supported by practising, professional artists, their Young People make bold and ambitious works of creative expression.

PFA have awarded Shopfront Arts Co-Op a Small Grant towards funding a 20 minute performance to be shown on Fair Day 2024.

Shopfront’s LGBTQIA+ Advisory Panel of 5 Queer Young People aged 15–27, will develop a 20-minute performance celebrating the Mardi Gras theme ‘Our Future’ to be performed by queer YP on the family stage at Fair Day 2024. Alongside 2 queer artists, the panel will work with a group of up to 20 YP aged 10–18 over 30 hours of holiday workshops to develop 20 joyful minutes of performance that expresses their unique voices and Pride to a supportive community audience at Fair Day. This opportunity will support the 17% of YP who identify as queer in their organisation and show pride in their identities in a way that enriches each of them individually with new skills and confidence.


Uniting Queenscliff – Sacrededge Festival 2024

Through the shared Food, Arts, Spiritual Practices, and Community engagement, Uniting Queenscliff strengthens connections with one another and across various cultures and backgrounds.

Uniting Queenscliff received a PFA Small Grant to give voice to LGBTIQA+ folk (and other marginalised groups) at the Sacrededge Festival in Queenscliff (Vic) – Friday May 3 to Sunday May 5, 2024.

Sacrededge creates an opportunity for people to listen to and learn about life experiences that are different from their own by engaging around 30+ performers, artists and presenters to share their stories, music and art across one weekend.

The most important outcome for the festival is a positive experience for the presenters/performers from LGBTIQA+, First Nations & Refugee communities. Their sense of being heard, valued and cared for is paramount and is the focus of the festival. This festival enables attendees to learn, reflect and connect, rather than just be entertained.


Canberra Youth Theatre

Canberra Youth Theatre is one of Australia’s leading youth arts companies, empowering young people through theatre productions, workshops, and creative pathways to challenge, reflect, and transform our perspectives of the world.

Canberra Youth Theatre have received a Small Grant to run a day of workshops and devising to finish in a short performance to bring all their LGBTQIA+ participants together in a safe and supportive environment. This event will allow participants to meet their peers and other members of both the CYT community, and the wider LGBTQIA+ community. The program will be open to anyone aged 7 – 25 who identifies as LGBTQIA+.

They are planning the LGBTQIA+ Youth Theatre day because Canberra Youth Theatre has a growing number of LGBTQIA+ participants, spread across our various programs, who do not meet or have opportunities to form a community of like minded individuals.


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