Welcome to our two new Pride Foundation Australia board members


We are pleased to officially welcome two new board members to Pride Foundation Australia, Mollie Hewitt and Ayan Dasvarma. After a successful call for new board member applications earlier this year, we were thrilled to receive a number of applicants with experience that complemented and added to the work currently being undertaken by PFA.

We are excited for the fresh perspective Mollie and Ayan have already brought to the board and believe they will both make wonderful additions. Read on to learn more about our new members, and head to the PFA Our Team page to read their full bio.


Mollie Hewitt

Mollie Hewitt is experienced in strategic management, arts leadership, cultural project management and community development. She is co-founder and director of Walk Through Walls, a company that helps individuals and organisations overcome the financial, logistical and bureaucratic barriers they face in delivering projects with powerful positive outcomes. As a fundraiser, producer, and strategic adviser she assists communities across Australia with wide-ranging projects.


Ayan Dasvarma

Ayan Dasvarma is a proud gay man, second-generation migrant and person of colour, currently working as a senior manager and leader in the tertiary education and medical research sectors. He has held various roles managing and leading academic units and coordinating corporate and administrative services across two major Victorian universities for over 20 years, building on previous training and work as a medical researcher in Australia and the UK.

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