THREE for All Foundation awarded PFA & Sidney Myer Fund joint grant round for 2022


Please join us in congratulating the recipient of our most recent PFA & Sidney Myer Fund partner grant for 2022: THREE for All Foundation.

THREE for All Foundation works alongside genuine and passionate community organisations around the world to address complex challenges that the communities themselves have identified. Many Coloured Sky is THREE for All Foundation’s Queer Development Agency, supporting LGBTQI+ organisations with capacity building, planning and project development, and empowering those at the margins and intersections of LGBTQI+ communities to participate fully and equally. 

Since 2018, Many Coloured Sky has run a peer-led support group for LGBTQIA+ refugees and people seeking asylum known as Queer Refugee and Asylum Seeker Peer group (QRASP). The rapid growth of QRASP members—now totalling 176 LGBTQI+ refugees and people seeking asylum across Victoria, along with individuals in Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane—speaks to both the impact and importance of their work and highlights the need for funding in this space.

Through the funding provided by this grant, QRASP will be able to employ an other-gendered refugee/asylum-seeker to work alongside their Peer Support Officer, Manu. With additional peer support, Many Coloured Sky looks to improve their inclusion and connection opportunities through the introduction of smaller, focused groups, such as women-only, HIV+, and one-on-one peer support for vulnerable members, as well as broadening their advocacy to services and governments.

We are happy to be able to support THREE for All Foundation and the work they are doing through Many Coloured Sky and the Queer Refugee and Asylum Seeker Peer group.

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