Past Small Grants Recipients

Jamila Main

Jamila Main is a true slashie artist in the first five years of their practice. Jamila works predominantly as an Actor and Playwright, and additionally as a Disability Inclusion Consultant and Dramaturg.

The PFA Small Grant goes towards the a residency at La Mama theatre in July for the development of Jamila’s new play ‘How to Eat Rabbit’ with community showings on 7-9 July. During the residency, Jamila will work with performer and 3D digital artist Nory, an acclaimed Black advocate. For 5 days, she and Nory will interrogate the current award-winning draft of the play, developing the two characters, and experimenting with immersing 3D digital art in the world of the play. Zoe Boesen, director of Loom Arts and Management, will serve as an outside eye, offering provocations and advice for the play’s development. This work will provide much needed queer, trans, disabled, and POC representation, telling stories still not often platformed.

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