PFA x Aurora Joint Grant of $20,000 in Ignite Pride Grants Round 2023


We’re pleased to announce that for another year running, Pride Foundation Australia has partnered with the Aurora Group to offer a joint grant to the total of $20,000 as a part of Aurora’s Ignite Pride Grant program.

The Ignite Pride Grants are designed to fund small, community-driven projects. Our commitment of $20,000 has meant that the program is able to offer a larger grant focused on improving mental health for LGBTIQ+ people across Australia.

Our previous partnership with Aurora in their Ignite Pride Grant program awarded a $20,000 grant to Inclusive Rainbow Voices, towards a state-wide community engagement project to hear from LGBTIQ+ Victorians with Disability, so that their priorities set the agenda.

Applications for Ignite Pride Grants are open from September 18th-October 13th 2023.

To view more information about the Ignite Pride grant round and to apply, visit the Aurora Group Ignite Pride Grant page.

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