PFA Provide $5,000 Funding For LGBTQIA+ Refugee & Asylum Seeker Peer-led Support Group In Canberra


At Pride Foundation Australia, we are very pleased to progress our work to support LGBTIQA+ refugees and asylum seekers. Through the efforts of our fundraising over June, we have been able to provide $5,000 in funding to Forcibly Displaced People’s Network (FDPN) and Meridian Inc. for a peer-led support group for LGBTQIA+ refugees and people seeking asylum in Canberra.

FDPN is Australia’s first organisation to dedicate its work to the issues of LGBTQIA+ refugees and people seeking asylum, and advocates for the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ people who have been forcibly displaced through peer support as well as dedicated action towards increased services for LGBTQIA+ refugees and asylum seekers and policy change.

Meridian Inc. is a community-controlled, peer-led organisation providing health and support services in the ACT.

To date, Pride Foundation Australia have funded peer-led support groups for LGBTQIA+ refugees and people seeking asylum in Melbourne, Sydney and now Canberra.

For information on funding for LGBTQIA+ peer-led support groups for refugees and asylum seekers in Australia, please contact

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