Our Work

Since 2005 Pride Foundation Australia has granted
over $200,000 for more than 40 grants and leveraged almost $300,000 in co-funding.

Pride Foundation Australia (PFA) actively works to increase philanthropic support for the Australian LGBTQIA+ and allied communities and to advocate for systemic change to advance LGBTQIA+ equity. We achieve this through four core activities:

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Impactful grants are made to organisations actively working to address LGBTQIA+ equity and disadvantage.

Our Small Grants Program provides accessible funding to grass roots LGBTQIA+ organisations and individuals.

Commissioning projects

PFA identifies leading research, education and community organisations to run specific projects to understand and address LGBTQIA+ community need, and to inform policy and practice change to overcome discrimination and disadvantage.


We enable other groups to raise and distribute philanthropic funds using the PFA sub-fund infrastructure. The Channel is the first sub-fund of PFA.

PFA works in partnership with like-minded philanthropic groups, including the Sidney Myer Fund and the Broadtree Foundation, to increase the funding pool available to LGBTQIA+ organisations. 


PFA actively fundraises through the community, individuals, organisational and corporate support to make our work possible.

OUR ACHIEVEMENTS: Small but Impactful and Effective

As a small, volunteer-based organisation we are extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve over the years. By contributing our own knowledge and expertise and leveraging our funds to partner with others we’re able to make a significant impact in our areas of focus.


  • Grants totalling more than $540,000, for projects directly benefiting and supporting LGBTQIA+ Australians, of which over $200,000 was from PFA direct donations.
  • Social Change Research partnerships – commissioned and released key reports on LGBTQIA+ Australians and homelessness and disability
  • Twenty-six small grants to individuals and grass-roots organisations supporting local LGBTQIA+ people in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and rural locations. This included supporting the very first Pride Parade in Busselton, Western Australia in March 2018.


  • McNair, R, Andrews, C, Parkinson, S. & Dempsey, D. ‘LGBTQ Homelessness: Risks, Resilience, and Access to Services in Victoria – Final Report’, University of Melbourne 2017, at URL www.lgbtihomeless.org.au
  • McNair R, Andrews C, Wark A. Developing a model of care to support trans and gender diverse people experiencing homelessness – final report, 2018, University of Melbourne,  at URL www.lgbtihomeless.org.au; and

Healthy Ageing

  • Leveraged over $330,000 through philanthropic partnerships and co-funding delivering greater impact to the LGBTQIA+ community. A recent example is a grant co-funded with the Myer Foundation to Council to the Ageing (COTA) Vic and Transgender Victoria to publish ‘Safeguarding the end of the rainbow: A guide to help LGBTI people in Victoria plan an end-of-life of their choice’.



Since 2005 Pride Foundation Australia (formerly GALFA) has granted over $200,000 for more than 40 grants and leveraged almost $300,000 in co-funding to increase philanthropy for our LGBTQIA+ community.

Pride Foundation Australia is committed to increasing the proportion of philanthropic funds that are dedicated to LGBTQIA+ causes. We seek to increase the practice and culture of philanthropy in the LGBTQIA+ and allied communities. We do this using a number of methods:

  • PFA has established a sub-fund capability.
    • This enables small groups without major infrastructure to build their own philanthropic capacity while using the Pride Foundation legal entity. Ultimately, many sub-funds will become large enough to establish their own Fund.
  • We provide advice to a range of LGBTQIA+ groups in fundraising and accessing co-funding from mainstream philanthropy.
  • We also strive to raise awareness of LGBTQIA+ needs within mainstream philanthropy.

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