LGBTIQA+ Disability Research Project Team


LGBTIQA+ Disability Research Project- Pride Foundation Australia and Deakin University

After the success of our Disability Forum in February, and our work with Inclusion Melbourne last year, Pride Foundation Australia has continued our focus on LGBTIQA+ Disability and raised funds for a new project with Deakin University.

Ruth McNair and Ian Gould attended the first meeting to get updates on progress, plans, and met half of the research team, including one of our panel members from the Disability Forum, Jake Lewis. It’s great to see people with lived experience playing a vital role in this research, and we look forward to keeping you updated on the outcomes of this project.

Appearance in image from left to right: researcher Jake Lewis, PFA director Ian Gould, Acting Manager of Policy and Strategy  from the Victorian Government Office for Disability Dr Alastair Stewart, researcher Ruby Mountford, Project Lead Dr Amie O’SheaNathan Despott from Inclusion Melbourne, Cam Bloom from Rainbow Rights