Forcibly Displaced People Network awarded $53,000 PFA grant towards organisational growth


Pride Foundation Australia are pleased to announce the grant of $53,000 to Forcibly Displaced People Network (FDPN) towards the employment of a Peer and advocacy project worked and Administrative assistance for 1 year.

FDPN is Australia’s first registered LGBTIQ+ refugee-led organisation, and has already made immense strides in advocating for the equity of queer refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia since it began in 2020.

The addition of these two roles to the organisation will allow FDPN to build upon the admirable work the organisation has achieved through the commencement of the Queer Displacements Conference, policy writing, online training resources, and peer-led support groups.

FDPN founder Renee Dixson comments “This funding allowed us to do necessary strategic work such as participate in the sector meetings, attend consultations run by government and NGOs, meet with the stakeholders, start organising the second Queer Displacement conference, and provide support for community members. Throughout this year, we were able to start addressing existing systemic issues affecting our community’s everyday life. This is the beginning of helping people with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, and sex characteristics to achieve equitable settlement outcomes.”

We are proud to be able to support Forcibly Displaced People Network and their work in this space.

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