Small Grants Testimonial

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s probably because you’re a past small grant recipient of ours. At Pride Foundation Australia, we are the only philanthropic group creating small funding opportunities for grassroots and regional organisations. 

In order to promote our Small Grant program, we aim to collect testimonials and recommendations from those who have previously benefitted from the program.

If you are willing to offer your testimonial and recommendation of the program, please fill out the form below: 

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    Please provide a short testimonial for the Pride Foundation Australia Small Grants Program including these details:

    • The year your Small Grant was awarded
    • The project or program connected to the application
    • How the money was used?
    • Who benefitted from the project/funding?
    • What receiving the Small Grant funding has allowed your organisation to achieve
    • Your recommendation for the Small Grants program

    We would love to include imagery of your event/project alongside your testimonial in our marketing across our website and social media. If you have photography from your project to share, please attach it here.

    Thank you so much!