Our current priorities

Working with our Social Change Model of Philanthropy, we prioritise funding to areas that do not receive other support in order to highlight areas of need and inspire other funding bodies to co-fund with us.

Our current priority areas are:

LGBTQIA+ asylum seekers and refugees living in Australia
A national advisory committee has been initiated, with work in this area being directed towards the development of LGBTIQA+ inclusive training for organisations and service providers who work with refugees and asylum seekers, and to raising awareness of the issue within all levels of government. 

LGBTQIA+ people living with disability
An expert advisory committee has supported several areas of work including a submission to the Victorian Government Disability Action Plan and advocacy with the NDIA for LGBTQIA+ inclusion. A Victorian disability self-advocacy group is being established in collaboration with VALID and Thorne Harbour Health, and a research team at Deakin University is investigating the lived experience of LGBTQIA+ people living with disabilities.

LGBTQIA+ homelessness
This work has been informed by consumer advisory groups and an expert advisory committee. It is led by a team at the University of Melbourne in collaboration with researchers at Swinburne University of technology. The team has partnered with the LGBTI Health Alliance, Council to Homeless Persons (Victoria), Drummond Street Services, Launch Housing, Vincent Care, Uniting and several other providers of homelessness services. Work continues to develop national guidelines on LGBTQIA+ inclusion for the housing and homelessness sectors, training initiatives and piloting a safe housing network.

From 2021 an annual grant will be made to support LGBTIQIA+ visual, literary, and performing arts. The program is under development and will likely provide support to only one of these important fields on an annual, rotating basis. An advisory group is being established and co-funding from like-minded philanthropic funds is being sought. Please contact us if you would like to join our advisory committee or co-fund with us.

These priorities were chosen by the Pride Foundation Board based on existing evidence of needs and gaps. We also discuss needs within the LGBTQIA+ community with our supporters, our research collaborators and leaders in the community.

Individual donors can also propose other priority areas for the Board to consider.

Past priorities

Pride Foundation Australia (as GALFA) has had other priorities including:

Healthy ageing
We funded several mainstream groups to improve their LGBTQIA+ inclusive practice. We also assisted LGBTI specific groups to reach out and support older LGBTQIA+ Australians. We chose to move on from this priority once it was clear that Governments and NGOs around Australia were becoming more committed to funding this area.

Mental health and suicide prevention
This area will continue to be a priority for the Pride Foundation, as long as mental health inequalities for various LGBTQIA+ subgroups remain.

Families and young people
This area will also be an ongoing priority as needs arise.

See our past funded projects for more information on our impactful grants.